Sports Betting System-Why Do We Lose?

“A gentleman is someone who will pay off his gambling debts, even though he knows he’s been cheated. Leo Tolstoy

Baseball and football are the two most popular sports in the world. However, these popular sports are connected to the most popular gambling market known as the Sports Betting System.

History of Sports Betting.

Horse racing was popular among the wealthy in the 19th-century. It began as a sport. Later, it became a betting activity with the inclusion of auctioning off-bets. Although the auctioning of off-bets was discouraged by the betters, they would lose their chance of winning if the horse they wanted to place a wager on was already sold. However, the popularity of the bookie betting system was evident after the civil conflicts. This allowed betters and gamblers to place wagers on the racing horses. The bookies, who were considered to be an innovative group of people, soon realized that placing odds for individual horses would increase betting value. This in turn would increase bookie’s control. If a lot of money is placed on a horse, the bookmaker will lower the odds to increase the attraction of other horses in that race. This makes the bookies more rich than the bettors. This strategy was adopted by the sports betting industry in the wake of horse betting’s popularity in late 1920’s.

Did you also know that around 80% online gamblers lose money when placing a bet on sports, while 20% of them make a profit. Sports betting is one of the largest industries that generates money every year, with an annual turnover of over $200 million. Because of the technological advancements, gamblers can now bet from the comforts of their homes. Most betting agencies offer online betting systems that allow the gamblers the ability to place bets, and even watch the match via the internet. Online betting platforms include the MLB Betting Systems and NBA Betting Systems.

Why is it that we can’t make money with the system? It is not because we lack the experience, luck or time. It’s all because of the secrets of the bookiesystem. We can reveal the secrets to this system, and every gambler will be a winner.

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